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First Class English Training

English for Every Age

Our Courses are geared towards people of all ages. We teach children from kindergarten all the way up to adults. Now is the time for you to learn English!

Conversation English

This class is for all English levels and all ages from middle school and up. It is for serious learners, businessmen, world travelers, and anyone who wants to improve their English.

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Summer Camp

At the Shammah English camp we teach English while making English learning fun! After completing our camps, students are energized and excited to continue on in their english study.

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English Training

We combine vocabulary, phonics, and test element training all into one class. Our unique training program integrates classroom instruction with out of class student practice in an english only learning environment.

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Shammah English is the premier English training center of Tai’an city.  We offer a fully immersive English learning experience with qualified foreign english experts. We can take your student from primary school through to University.

We provide first class English training and assistance in preparing for and taking IELTS and TOEFL Exams. We are affiliated with American Universities and we can help students who want to study abroad to plan, prepare, and profit from their study abroad.

Children play a game at camp

Shammah Kids

The phonics based English training class consists of two classes in one. During the week, we reinforce the lessons students have learned at school, and we help them practice their vocabulary, dictation, and oral English. On Weekends, we use the Roots Phonics system to teach the student Phonics. Once the student feels confident in their reading skills, their pace of English learning dramatically accelerates.

High School students learn conversational english

High School Classes

Our unique training program integrates classroom instruction with out of class student practice. In the classroom, we combine vocabulary, phonics, and test element training. We believe the key to the success is learning in an English only environment, The ability to participate in this training environment helps to reinforce students instruction, and to prepare them for studying abroad.

Mr. Patterson teaches english to University students

University Classes

We offer both IELTS Training and TOEFL Training. Our in-depth courses will prepare students for either English exam. We will also give students guidance on which exam they should take. Our class sizes are small to allow more personal training with the instructors. We also offer one-on-one tutoring for accelerated training.

Adult Classes

This Class is focused on Conversation skills and “Survival English”. We teach Oral, Listening and Reading skills in a topic based class. As an example, we cover dining out in a foreign country, and learn about the culture, as well as vocabulary and phrases used in that situation. We also work on phonics in this class to help improve the student’s oral and reading skills.

I have studied in Shammah English last year to prepare studying abroad, during last year, I enjoyed the time I spent in Shammah and I really learned a lot.

My English skills have improved a lot, it’s not only based on how much effort I put on it, but also the encouragement and kindness of my teachers and classmates.

I became independent and learned how to manage my times. I was lazy to review and to communicate with my teacher in the beginning, but gradually my opinion has changed. I became more confident to talk to people in English, I started reading and studying in my free time, I tried to write in English on my own, sing songs in English and I was really happy to see such progress.

Now I’m studying in an international high school in Israel, I still want to be thankful for those times I studied in Shammah.



I came to Shammah English last September. I was proud and thought my English was good. But when I started class I can’t even understand what the teacher is talking about. Mr. Josh taught me new information I had never learned before, and now I have really learned things.

I can’t speak English very well during class because I’m nervous. Mr. Josh only taught one student, that was me. I’m afraid, but I think Mr. Josh is a humorous person. As time passed, my opinion changed. Mr. Josh is just like a friend after class but very serious during class. Now I don’t feel nervous, but the emphasis to learn was still there.

I’m so glad that I didn’t waste time at Shammah, I learned real knowledge and I made a new true friend, teacher. Thanks Shammah and Mr. Josh gave me the opportunity to study at Shammah and help me improve my English.